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CASHOFY is a right place for the Invoice Finance. With us can easily connect growing businesses directly with investors, giving you fast access to cash locked up in invoices

Powerful Invoice Feature

Automate tasks like invoicing, organizing expenses, tracking your time and following up with clients in just a few clicks. You can securely access it from wherever you are.

Flexible invoice Financing

For business suffering from slow-paying customers, seasonal fluctuations or simply needing working capital quickly. You choose Amount advanced, No lock-in contracts, select your Invoices.

No Nuisance, Low Cost

It is very easy to use the online platform with no hectic payments. Pay as you go and feel free to sign up.

Time Saver

No more standing in long queues. You can access funds within 24 hours or maybe less as it is fast online application

Series Range Full Facility

If you have multiple debtors and need flexible access to funds now for continued business growth at highly competitive rates.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting

The business acquires the cash instantly providing business cycle an improved impetus. Bill discounting permits a financier to run business without funds. This operates in same way as bank overdraft. In this the debtor pays the interest amount only on the sum of money used. There is a rough competition prevailing in the market to range such credit. Therefore, there are many different products to satisfy the requirements of the client.