5 Time Saving features your Accounting Software should Offer

Whether you are running a small business of yours or a sole proprietor, you have multiple accounting solutions to choose from your respective accounting software. Whenever searching for a provider that can take your business finances to the cloud, keep one thing in mind that he/she offer all the features that will actually improve your workday and help you to save your time.

Make sure that provider of your choice offers these 5 time-saving features for your accounting software before taking the plunge:

  1. Mobile Access

As advancement took all over the world and people can operate the biggest technologies on their mobile phones. With the help of mobile access facility, one can work on accounting software on one go which includes:

  • Sending invoices from your mobile
  • Taking pictures of your receipts and uploading them to the system
  • Viewing your unpaid invoices
  • Make notes on the go

Isn’t it enjoyable of being able to manage your tasks from anywhere and at any time with such flexibility?

  1. Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to have instant insight into your business’s financial situation. Therefore, there should be a key feature you look for in your accounting software. Features like bank balances, invoices, and bills which can be a monitor in real-time and compare year-over-year results. Always make informed decisions to help run and grow your business.

  1. Automation

Who doesn’t want to lessen their workload and wants to get done things automatically? That’s why automation is a key feature you should look for in your accounting software which means booking suggestions, automated bank payments, electronic invoicing and automated tax reporting. Be the smarter one, let the system do the work for you and enjoy the more efficient way of working.

  1. Third Party Integration

Third party integration is another vital feature as it allows you to integrate the applications and tools that you use the most with your accounting system. So, data is automatically entered for you without any difficulties. E.g. point of sale systems, inventory, e-commerce and google apps. It helps you to reduce errors and work more efficiently.

  1. Collaboration

Make sure to choose a solution that allows you to work together with your accountant from within the solution and get best advice and Assistance via for example chat.

E.g work share on daily tasks, outsource of all accounting or use your accountant for advisory based input. Work together with your accountant for the best results.

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