Supermarket POS software: Usage, benefits and Providers

In case, you run a supermarket who declines to use Point-Of-Sales methodology, it is quite possible that you will be left behind in a world of printed receipts, late-night inventory checks, and calculators. As incorporating technology in business is a must to keep the ball rolling, Supermarket POS software systems empower the business with the capability to bring their organization into the 21st century.

POS software for Supermarkets

A supermarket is kind of large form of a grocery store which offers a wide variety of foods and household products that are well organized into aisles. In supermarket business, accurate inventory information is essential as many of the items are perishable with limited shelf lives. It will lead to loss of sales if the stocks of fast selling items are less and even if the stocks of low selling items are more then it will also lead to loss of sales. So it means properly organized inventory/stocks should be maintained so that items should not be over-ordered or overstocked as it does not scramble the path of grabbing better opportunities.

Supermarket POS Software allows you bar-coding of your products in defined formats as well as user-defined formats. Even you can scan and print multiple barcodes and also has the provision of maintaining stocks/ ledgers of multi-location godowns. The most beneficial feature of a Supermarket POS Software is its Expiry Management- it will show an alert of the stocks which are going to expire soon to avoid loss. It will also keep a check on your physical stock with computer stock which lets you update your stock/purchase/sale data with ease. You can import as well as export data in any format which will reduce your manual work. You can even preview, print, export reports in any format (.xls, .csv, .dbf, .txt formats) as well as reports can be emailed.

Benefits of Supermarket POS Software

A POS system for the supermarket is considered as retail POS system as well as e-commerce on a single platform with core business operational systems-inventory and order management, CRM, business intelligence, warehouse management, marketing, and financials.

Inventory– A supermarket usually stock several thousand types of products with only little people to manage everything from the store. It will be huge workload to manage all these products manually. POS system provides a convenient way to manage all products easily.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Keep a complete profile of every customer who has shopped in your store. Customer information typically includes demographics, preferences and purchase history. Using CRM features will allow you to target market and send promotions to the customer based on purchasing history or other specific customer preferences.

Purchasing and financials– POS system helps you replenish items efficiently and negotiate lower vendor costs. Purchase orders can be tracked by order date. Receive date and cancel the date so you can take the appropriate action on your open orders. Support their payment by credit card, the convenience of the customer shopping

Reduce the labor Force– Labor is typically the largest expense in a supermarket outside the cost of the products being sold. Labor scheduling functionally to help you manage to staff and reduce labor costs.

Most of the supermarkets are using such software for ease the technology is providing. But before it was not the case because before the supermarket may spend countless hours calculating profits, expenses, and payroll and performing a variety of manual tasks in order to run their businesses.

Providers of Supermarket POS software

Here are top 3 POS system providers to help you

  1. Cashofy

Cashofy’s Supermarket POS System is designed in such a way that it can handle your store’s high volume inventory and transaction frequency. Allow your cashiers to weigh and ring up any item quickly and easily. Keep track of your inventory and find out what are the best and worst selling items. In addition, Cashofy benefited so you can also use gift cards, customize loyalty plans, and manage employee wages and hours. The Omni-direction and area imaging barcode scanners allow you to scan broken/unreadable barcodes at any angle. You may use existing barcodes or create your own customized labels and shelf tags. The barcode printing software allows you to print your own labels and shelf tags. Cashofy also provides free trial for at least seven days for the better understanding of the software.

  1. Supermarket POS 

Supermarket POS system is the organization which enables the supermarket point of sale system to prompt your employees to check an ID for age-restricted products or forces them to input the customers birth date. Require them to enter a birth date, or just hit ok. Set re-order levels for inventory items. Then create PO’s based off of these levels, or run reports to see what low-stock is. In addition to our advanced software solution, we are industry leaders when it comes to our hardware and services. All of their market POS systems include 24/7 Support and offer a 5 year overnight replacement warranty on the hardware!

  1. Gofrugal

Gofrugal’s headquarters is mainly in Chennai, India which provides Supermarket retail POS software for Provision, Frozen Foods, Convenience store, Meat & Fish stores that lets you handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory, re-order, and expiry, return & wastage management modules. Give a great checkout experience with mobile billing apps like SellQuick. CRM tools ensure promotions & loyalty management. Well-integrated financial accounting with VAT e-filling. They have been providing technology adoption into Retail and Supply chain businesses since 2004, in the form of complete business automation solutions.

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