8 Restaurant Automation Systems You Should Employ in Your Restaurant Right Now!

8 Restaurant Automation Systems You Should Employ in Your Restaurant Right Now! – Advancement of technology brought many changes and changing needs of customer demands, restaurant owners are resorting to tools to automate restaurant operations. People are always in a hurry and they don’t like waiting to book a table, to place their orders or even to pay bills. Nowadays, restaurateurs are automating the entire process to reduce the chances of errors and increase customer satisfaction manifold.

  1. Online Ordering

Restaurant automation technology is must these days and invariably online ordering comes to mind whenever we talk about it. The majority of home delivery orders are being placed on a mobile app or website orders. One can easily order food from anywhere through online ordering feature. The biggest benefit a restaurant owner has is of online ordering in which he/she can avoid the hassle of explaining the order to the waiter and reduce the risks of getting the order mixed up and also saves the restaurant from missing any orders in case the telephone line is busy.

  1. Automatic Billing

Restaurant automation technology has improved the billing operations in restaurants tremendously. The POS system generates an automatic bill as soon as the customer is done dining. Generation of a bill will be by the POS according to the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), thus eliminating the mixing up of orders and bills. An automatic bill holds benefits like it ensures no delays and improves customer service. It is easier for customers to pay for their orders when POS solution provides the splitting of bill feature.

  1. Menu Automation

Most tedious aspects of restaurant operations is Menu automation, especially in the case of multiple restaurant outlets. Making a change in the menu across outlets was a behemoth task. It becomes difficult to visit each restaurant, and manually update the menu in each POS terminal. Any change in the menu in the central POS is automatically updated across all outlets. Central Menu Management allows you to make specific changes in only certain outlets’ menu.

  1. Table Reservation

Online table reservation tools let customers book preferred tables at restaurants well in advance. To help customers choose tables before they reach the destination, this tool presents a virtual overview. This further works to increase customer delight, as the customers can choose their favorite table well in advance, and avoid the hassle of explaining their seating requirements.

  1. Accounting and Reporting

Accounting software enables restaurants managing the financial details of the restaurant. All the sales data and transactions are accessible in tabular forms and graphs that help you gain an understanding of your restaurant business. You can use integrated POS software to benefit from a complete accounting and restaurant management software and be letting you to keep track of all the sales and transactions happening at your restaurant.

  1. Marketing Automation

Offline Restaurant Marketing is nowadays outdated as people are adopting new ways of marketing. It is no longer just limited to distributing pamphlets and displaying signage and boards of the latest offer running in your restaurant. While promotional SMS and emails have made their way in, you can further use Marketing Automation to maximize their results. There are several Bulk SMS and emails service providers that allow you to send promotional messages to your customers. However, you can use smart technology to your benefit, and send targeted and customized messages to your customer database. Over time, a customer profile is created that gives you insights about their ordering habits and behaviour.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools are widely in use to boost customer engagement. You can use valuable CRM database to come up with customized offers and discounts based on the customers’ ordering habits. CRM tools help send personalized emails and newsletters containing offers, menu additions, events and other updates to keep the customer informed.

  1. Feedback Management

For years, restaurateurs sought customer feedback through feedback forms that had to be filled in manually, and a large segment of restaurants still do. Filling in a feedback form can be deterring to customers as it is the manual task. Thus, came the Customer Feedback Management App that asked specific feedback from customers based on the food they ordered and their guest experience.

Never forget that technology is your friend not a foe, it will only improve your business and let you reach to the goals you have set before starting a restaurant business.

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