Essential Restaurant Equipment for the Kitchen Needed To Run a Restaurant

Kitchen is the heart of a restaurant where the most of the important activities held like cooking and plating before being served to customers takes place.If you are opening a restaurant equipment is going to be one of your major start-up expenses. It is important for any restaurant to determine what equipment you need to start a restaurant, if you have enough cash on hand to start your restaurant. Restaurant equipment can be purchased whether used or new, from various suppliers.
Useful and optimal utilization of space in the kitchen in a way that there is sufficient space for the basic areas such as kitchen cooking area, prep area, store area, cold storage, washing area, and food service and staff quarters. There should be an easy workflow in the kitchen with the required space needed for all the basic functions.

Following are the equipment your kitchen needs if you really want to see your restaurant business growing:

  1. POS complete solution

Yes! You heard it right. The very first restaurant equipment that you will require for your restaurant kitchen will be a POS software which will provide you the complete solution for the management of your bills and orders.

If you are having a restaurant with multiple outlets in industry as food chain, then you must look for restaurant billing software. Whether it is about managing a small branch or a big one it involves operations like billing, accounting and many more complex tasks. A restaurant owner can have control over all the connected branches or franchises with command over menu items, rates, partial control over stock and inventory management of individual locations and morewith the help of restaurant billing software.

  1. Refrigerators and Freezers

Choosing the right commercial refrigeration equipment is essential for maximum kitchen efficiency, both in energy and ease of food preparation. Refrigeration unit includes Reach-In Coolers, Walk-In Coolers, and Restaurant Freezers. Refrigeration systems is an integral part of restaurant equipment in the kitchen. Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers to massive walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

  1. Slicers

After the Refrigeration unit, another important restaurant equipment that you would need in your kitchen is the Slicer. The main task of any slicer is cutting meat and other foods with speed in an easy and efficient way. Another benefit of investing in a slicer machine is that consistency and uniformity will be maintained. There are different slicers available like food slicer, vegetable slicer, meat slicer amongst others.
A slicing machine prevents inconsistency and a perfect slick thickness will be maintained throughout no matter which employee slices it. Your customers will get an idea consistent slice thickness shows that your kitchen provides quality food they can count on day after day and helps you in maintain portion control.

  1. Ovens

Selecting an oven according to what you need to cook holds primary importance.  Your commercial oven will perform a wide range of functions starting from heating up a simple soup for your customer to preparing different dishes.

There are usually number of tasks happens at the same timein any restaurant kitchen. In such a scenario, it might become very chaotic if your commercial kitchen is difficult to be used. You don’t need an expert to operate it and will work regardless of who is operating it. They should also be easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Fire suppression unit system / Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguisher is crucial equipment which is must for the safety of your restaurant, your employees, and your customers.  Before investing in fire extinguisher a restaurant owner should be well equipped to understand associated components and terminology so that you know how to choose a fire extinguisher that would be viable for your restaurant kitchen. A multipurpose powdered extinguisher will help with most other types of fire, including electrical. The fire extinguishers get refilled/replaced every year so you can either buy it for first hand or second hand.

If your restaurant kitchen is well equipped with the appropriate restaurant kitchen equipment that can deliver quality food in the expected time period and keep your customers happy then what could be better than that.

It is true that investing in this equipment will cost you a lot but in the long run, each penny that you spent on this will be worth it.

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