A Detailed Guide on How to Start Waffle Restaurant

A Detailed Guide on How to Start Waffle Restaurant – A major disruption seen by the Restaurant Industry has encouraged a lot of people to start up their own restaurant venture. Professionals and home cooks alike, people are now fueling their passion for food and getting in the food business. Passion for Baking is one which has been catching up lately, with a number of big and small bakery businesses cropping up. Therefore, bakers who are aspiring to bring their dream to life and confused about how to start a bakery business like waffle restaurant in India. Here we bring detailed guideline:

  • Location

When we talk about the restaurant business plan, Location is the major factor to consider as it can be one major way of determining the success of your business plan. It is a good idea to identify your competitor in that area before choosing the location. You should consider the expected footfall, their income, the roads in the surrounding area, and the availability of parking. If you are focusing on Takeaway and have a small seating space, customers may order from you and then sit in their vehicles and eat. Therefore, when you start a Waffle Business a decent parking space is an essential criterion to consider.

Waffles are enjoyed by all age groups, but statistically, children, youngsters and women are seen to have an affinity towards this particular sweet treat. Areas which are generally surrounded by crowd like Malls, University areas, and marketplaces are a good choice for the location of the Waffle Outlet.

  • Licensing

No one want to indulge in legal matters especially when you have just started your new business so in order to carry on the business of your Waffle Restaurant without any legal hindrances. To do that you must under all circumstances acquire the much-needed licenses to open a Quick Service Restaurant. The most important license is FSSAI License, You can acquire Food License, by simply applying through its website. There are various agencies that would complete the paperwork on behalf of you and would charge you around Rs 2,000- Rs 3,000.
One more thing, you have to get register under GST if you are running your waffle business in India as the GST is the single tax you have to pay each year.

  • Restaurant Interior and Furniture

You can set up shop with just a few table tops and sitting stools as a start up. You can get these for as low as Rs 20,000. The Service Area should be pleasant and be welcoming for the customers. You also need to have air-conditioning, lighting, and interior design done based on the theme and brand of your Waffle Restaurant. The cost of restaurant interior and furniture would come around Rs 1,00,000. However, you can go as high or low as per your budget.

  • Menu

Menu comes under the primary means of representation: It says exactly who you are and what you hope to convey personality-wise. In addition, it must convey your restaurant’s brand in a manner that makes diners excited to be there, want to come back and to recommend it to family and friends.

A huge impact can be made by a smartly designed menu on your restaurant food costs. Design a menu in such a way that it should comprise of items that can be prepared easily and use local or easily available ingredients. To reduce wastage, it is advised to serve dishes that use similar ingredients.

  • Staff

An average waffle Restaurant Business does not require much staff; you can hire two chefs, a server, a cashier and probably two in-house delivery boys. Monthly salary of the chefs in waffle restaurant would be Rs.20,000 each, the server would charge Rs.10,000 and the Cashier’s would be around Rs. 15,000. Delivery boys are must and it is a subjective thing, since, mostly waffle outlets are integrated with the various delivery agencies. If you are considering of having delivery boys, their salary would not be more than Rs.10,000. Thus, leaving the delivery boys your total cost behind the staffs would be around Rs. 50,000. However, if you’re working on a tight budget, you can simply start your waffle business with two-three kitchen staff who prepare the waffles and serve them as well. Since it’s a QSR, you can have Self-Service and use disposable plates and cutlery to cut down on the labor costs.

  • POS Software

While many people may be tempted to skip having a Point of Sale software while opening a waffle restaurant business, trust us when we say that it will turn out to be beneficial for you in the long run. A POS system does not help streamline your billing operations but also helps you keep a clear track of your inventory and reduces the food costs. You can run it from your tablet or laptop as well.

Apart from the above mentioned basic costs, there are some miscellaneous costs such as Aprons for the staff, Mobile phones for accepting telephonic orders, laptop or tablet for cloud-based POS solution.

  • Marketing

It is important to maintain a balance between Online and Offline Marketing while marketing for a new Waffle Business. You can use Social Media to your advantage to reach out to maximum people without spending much. Remember to create a Facebook page and engage with your audience as much as you can. You may also need to run Facebook ads initially to reach out to the right audience.

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